Young Designers

Open Call


Project basic breakdown and timeline: 


Open Call from April – June 18th, 2021  

Young designers open call – 15 designers will be chosen to compete from the open call 


The competition will run from June to August 

In August, the final five winners from each of the weekly competition will get the opportunity to shop items from the MFTA warehouse to create six looks to display at FWBK and SFW

(3 looks at each show) of which a final overall winner will be chosen


Image by: Karolina Grabowska

Week 1 

All the chosen designers from the open call will meet the host John Kaiser and the team at MTFA to tour the MFTA warehouse and be introduced to the viewers, (share a bit of each designer’s background story)  


Week 2 thru week 6 

Every Mondays - 5 designers will meet at the warehouse to choose items to create one complete design to present to the judges on Friday (garment will be shown on a model) - judges will make comment and a winner will be choose for the final round of competition  


Footage from each week will be edit and shown on YouTube/website and other social media platform as a miniseries with credit roll for all donors and sponsors  


End of August - The final 5 designers will make a mini collection (6 designs) to be shown at Sustainable Fashion Week (SFW) in September and Fashion Week Brooklyn (FWBK)  in October where a final winner will be announced


Taping schedule (each week, the designers will have a theme to build their creation from)  

July 1st – All contest will visit the warehouse to meet with the host John  

July 5th – the first group of five contestants will shop the warehouse (Group A) 

July 9th – Group A will present the garment to the judges  

July 12th – Group B will Shop warehouse  

July 16th – Group B will present to judges  

July 26th – Group C will shop the warehouse  

July 30th – Group C will present to judges  

August 2nd – Group D will shop the warehouse  

August 6th – Group D will present to judges  

August 9th – Group E will shop the warehouse  

August 13th – Group E will present to the judges  


August 16th – five semifinalists (winner from each group) will shop the warehouse for items to create two collects of three looks each for SFW and FWBK  


Grand Winner prize  

1st place $1000 

2nd place - $500 

3rd place - $250  

Two runner-ups - $150 

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