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The Foundation For Art In Motion (AIM) serves as a philanthropic platform which seeks out and nurtures young, disadvantaged youth, allowing them to reach their potential and enhance the world around them by setting an example of giving, hope and achievement. AIM emphasizes charity, social consciousness, artistic freedom and global harmony.

AIM created Batey 106 Project in 2014, as a philanthropic program conducted in the Dominican Republic in Batey 106, a sugarcane plantation community housing over 350 Haitian migrant workers and their children.

Batey 106 Project is an arts education platform introducing basic artistic skills such as painting, music theory, photography and composition, and singing/songwriting to over 150 youth from Batey 106. During their time with our volunteer staff, the children and young adults in our program get access to photography workshops, art education, fashion workshops, filmmaking opportunities, and painting workshops. After their introduction to the soft skills of communication, collaboration, and critical thinking, the youth and young adults in our programs get a crash course in the hard skills of performance, exhibiting and production.

At AIM, our mission is simple: To inspire, uplift and strengthen local communities by cultivating their children through the arts. We do this by working with local communities worldwide and providing their children with creative programming that focuses on education and empowerment. Through our sustained programmatic support, we give children confidence-building tools to ignite their souls, nurture their spirits, and give voice to their dreams. Our mission is simple, our actions are global.


In June 2014, The Foundation for Art In Motion in collaboration with CTM Sisters Productions, Mano Films and BK Style Foundation and Friends of Hope Intl., conducted art, photography and filmmaking workshops in the Dominican Republicʼs sugarcane fields of Batey 106. Led by American artists/ filmmakers Theo Dora, Monica Watkins, Emmanuel Alexandre Jr., Omar Perez and Liony Batista, Batey 106 Projectʼs goal is to

empower the children, teens and young adults of Batey 106 using the arts, photography

and filmmaking as a tool to cultivate creativity.

Haitian-American documentary filmmaker, instructor and founder of Mano Films Emmanuel Alexandre Jr. led a 5 day comprehensive program. 30 children, teens and young adults ages 11 to 27 learned the basics of documentary filmmaking, such as image gathering, composition, visual storytelling, and interview set up. Emmanuel shares his story about his experience, the impact it has had on his life and his goals for the expansion of the project. This December 2014, Batey 106 Project will expand to include music workshops led by artists/ filmmakers Theo Dora, Monica Watkins, Emmanuel Alexandre Jr., Erica Simone, Omar Perez, Alegba Jayhile, Chico Boyer, Kathleen Boyer, Liony Batista, Omar Perez, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Paul Beaubrun, Tsedy Gebeyehu, Okai Music and Liony Batista

Our goals also include gathering resources and finding sustainable solutions to the community issues of malnutrition, a lack of irrigation for community farming and deficits in the education system and teaching staff for the community school.

“With this project we hope to inspire and empower these kids to create change in their communities through the arts.”- Emmanuel Alexandre Jr., Project 106 artner/Film Instructor

Project Partners

The Foundation For Art In Motion, BK Style Foundation, Fashionweek Brooklyn, CTM Sisters Productions, Friends of Hope Intl., Mayimba Music, Project Instructors, Monica Watkins, Theo Dora, Liony Batista, Omar Pérez-Then, Emmanuel Alexandre, Jr., Erica Simone, Maluca Mala


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