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Sustainable Projects

Thank you for your interest, feel free to explore and participate

Sustainable Fashion Week US

This free 6-day event highlights collections from emerging sustainable designers, established sustainable designers and vintage collectors. Unlike your typical Fashion Week, this platform also hosted a virtual sustainable product lounge, sustainable fashion speakers, and more importantly, a platform for individuals from all backgrounds to share their vision of a sustainable fashion future.

DDNYC19__Trudy Giordano_IMG_6870.jpg

BK Style “Swap Across America” (SAA)

Swap Across America, is a pop-up swapping tour across the US states to celebrate a sustainable lifestyle by swapping. SAA is in partnership with Sustainable Fashion Week  Global Fashion Exchange, The SwapChain 

The Mission is to save the landfills of items that can be use by another person, and can be share without a cost to the individual; we are redefining the relationships between suppliers, designers, brands, retailers, content creators, and individual consumers through transparency and circularity.

Be a part of the Swapping Revolution

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